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Erhiga Agarivbie was born in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. He is a unique cat in the music industry, and…

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Fullname: Erhiga Agarivbie
DOB: 1989
Nationality: Nigeria
Brand: Emirate Empire


Erhiga Agarivbie was born in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. He is a unique cat in the music industry, and his music is widely accepted by the Nigerian ‘street’ as the case may be. His stage name, Erigga is a kind of vocalization of his first name, Erhiga and he was brought up with pure pidgin English in Warri, which may explain why his musical prowess all revolve around the tongue.
He allegedly used the phrase, “Based On Logistics” before it was adopted by Big Brother Naija 2017 Winner, Efe (Ejeba Efe Michael) who also hails from Warri, Nigeria but was brought up in Jos.
From sources, Erigga was born in the year, 1989 and had his early education in Warri. He began rap music at a very early age in life and that was after he discovered his talent.

Before becoming an artist, Erigga has wanted to become a professional basketballer. He was very prolific in sports from onset, and people thought he would do perfectly in that. He was doing very well in the sports field from his youthful age and even featured in one of the Milo Basketball Championship schools.

Somehow along the line, he decided that there was a better way for him in music and switched interests into pursuing that. He started pursuing music with some songs such as “Paper Boi”, “Air Burn” and “Death Bed” and they were all hit singles.
He started recording songs in the studio, in his early 20s and was inspired by legendary rappers such as Eminem, Jay Z, 50 cent, Nas, Rakim, Ja rule and Canibus.

Erigga’s style of rap is unique, and his songs are mostly raw which make them unsuitable for underage fans, audience and other listeners. As we have said earlier, he raps in pidgin English, which is a West African patois.His words are very professional and he is an expert in painting his lyrical images to his audience.


Most of his fans claim he is YungSix immediate competitor, though I will leave you to judge that. They both come from the South but for a decent English rap lover like me, I’d rather go for the likes of YungSix and Nasty C. Erigga is popularly aliased, ‘King of the South’ and his music pattern is widely accepted.


He became a hotspot in the music industry after releasing his video for the song, ‘Dem No Get Two Heads‘. The video was shot and handled by Igho Tosin of the Igho films. However, the video was deemed unsuitable and really went a long way to affecting Erigga’s musical career. It wasn’t streamed so well on the TV and radio channels and cost Erigga a lot of awards, endorsements and nominations.
His other music are mostly censored and the artist really seems not to give a f**k about that, and keeps soaring higher with much love from his fans.
Erigga is presently signed to the New Money Records, which is run by Snow man, a veteran artiste manager. His success can be better defined as self-made.


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